Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rain, Go Away!

Gardeners appreciate summer rain, especially ones that live along the Front Range of Colorado.  We just don't get enough rain annually or seasonally to be happy, or should I say for our plants to be happy.  So we adapt and plant water thrifty plants, amend and mulch as told and hope for the best.  Every so often Mother Nature surprises us with too much rain.  She did this in September of 2013 with 500-year flooding in some areas and this week another round of cats and dogs.  My rain gauge measured just over two and half inches in less than 48 hours.  Please stop.  Below are some photos of some make shift shelters I tossed over the raised beds.  I figured that it was best to repel excess moisture and battering to prevent disease issues that may infect the plants.  I hope the humidity underneath didn't make matters worse, time will tell and I'll keep you posted.
Plastic Tarp on top of Tomato Cages, Shade Cloth Protection from Rain

Plastic over Hoops, Protecting Pepper and Eggplants

Laundry Basket over Small Okra Plants (three weeks old)

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