Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Check, Mark, Order!

I consider myself a good to very good garden shopper.  By good, I mean that I always shop at local garden centers spring, summer, fall and winter that's pretty much year round. Just a week ago I shopped and purchased close to ten indoor herbs and more seeds.  I find just about everything I need locally so technically why does my heart skip so fast when I open the mail box and see five new garden catalogs?  Today, February 3rd, (My brother Tom's birthday) my most favorite catalog arrived - Filaree Garlic Farm. The 2015 garden season has officially arrived at our house! 

This thin, 33-page small paper catalog isn't fancy, and that's not at all important to me.  All I care about is that they offer my long-standing favorite garlic varieties, along with a few new ones to ponder.  This year they've added more organic seed potatoes, organic sweet potatoes (brand new item) and organic shallots.  I can't spend much more time writing this blog, I need to sketch in some new varieties on my garden plan and start circling what I want to order. 

I hope you're having as much fun as I am perusing catalogs (if you're an on-line viewer, that works too). Below are some photos from some past garlic seasons. 

Mid-April 2014

Scapes on the hardneck, June, a few years ago, gorgeous!

'Susanville' Artichoke Softneck

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