Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Take a Look

I don't know about your plant observation radar, but this time of year my antennae are up and alert.  Plants in fall bloom, water garden lilies, lotus and grasses at their glorious vertical seed-head attention give us pause to look and smile. Why?  First, they simply look stunning on sunny fall days. Plus there hasn't been any heavy moisture to topple them. The low angle light seems to give them their own spotlight, especially yellow flowers like sunflowers and black-eyed Susan (rudbeckias). I've snapped a few photos for your enjoyment. Take it all in when you can, we know what is waiting around the corner.

Fall container at our house

Robert Hoffman Water Garden at Hudson Gardens

Dahlia at Hudson Gardens 

Ruby grass or fountain grass with black-eyed Susan at Washington Park

Ferris on alyssum next to ornamental burgundy kale

Ageratums and zinnias at Washington Park

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