Sunday, October 11, 2015

Snow Way, it's 80 Degrees Outside!

Summer Container in October!
Gardener's pay as much attention to the weather forecast as Peyton does watching the next competitor's football film footage.  Be it weather or sports - forecasts and injuries matter.  I'm talking about possible storm injury to the landscape.  Let's hope the leaves are down and temperatures have cooled off several days if not weeks prior to an abrupt change (please, not another November flash freeze)! 

Weather experts are calling for an El NiƱo this fall through winter. And it's supposed to be a whopper - beginning the end of this month (October) in Colorado. Check out this article in The Denver Post - El-nino-weather-phenomenon-could-deliver-early-snow. 

So what's a gardener to do? Not much except to finish the fall chores. Then tune in to the next Bronco, Avalanche or Nuggets game.  Oh, better find your snow shovel too.

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