Monday, December 21, 2015

Seasonal Delights

Plant Select Tennesse Purple Coneflower
This time of year receiving holiday cards and letters, plus scrolling through Facebook is a cheery get away from the negative zone. Not the Negative Zone parallel universe a la Marvel Comics. I mean the twenty-four hour negative news cycle which mostly includes Hollywood bawdiness and divisive political mudslinging.

No more Debbie Downer pessimism, it's almost Christmas!

Checking out what family and friends are baking, making and photographing is downright positive, smile inducing and hopeful. Trying not to sound too cliche-ish, but wouldn't it be nice to have that feeling all year?!

My favorite Facebook postings are anything plant related, followed by the Santa and kid pictures, along with those whirlwind recipes that show how to bake one-bite cinnamon rolls or chocolate covered popcorn in thirty-seconds.  And the animal videos that make you laugh out loud or cry in less than five seconds, talk about a quick emotional response! They equal the immediate reach for a tissue Budweiser Clydesdale commercials from the Super Bowl. Yea, some would call the time spent on FB a waste, I call it "five good minutes." I stole that title from an ESPN sports program segment that my husband often watches.

Enjoy the season. The bills arrive in January, but spring is just a few weeks away.

Some of my favorite photos and video links from 2015 -

Holiday Popcorn

A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL

Freshpet Holiday Feast (from '14, still a winner) 

Garlic doesn't mind the snow!

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