Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Check your Sunscreen and Trees

When we have a warm stretch of weather it's a reminder to buy more sunscreen if you're getting low and to drag out the hoses and water your trees.  I checked the ground moisture around our trees earlier in the week after the snow melted, it was dry. Keep in mind that the snow shadow below and around the lower branches of most trees may prevent some important moisture from getting to the roots.  Newly planted or not yet fully established trees (~five years) need regular moisture even through the winter if the ground isn't frozen or blanketed with snow.  
The watering steps are easy-
  • Mid day so moisture has time to soak in before temperatures fall or freeze at night
  • Move the frog-eye or your sprinkler of choice around the outer branches every 30 minutes or so. A soil needle works well too (move every 5 minutes).
  • After each area has soaked in well check the moisture by inserting a long screw driver into the mulch or soil around the tree.  It's not a technical measure of soil moisture, but if it goes in easily, you're good (so is the tree). 
  • Winter watering trees are priority in the landscape since they usually have the highest value, but don't forget to check other areas and water new plants that went in last spring, summer or fall.
  • More landscape tips - Winter Watering
  • Drain the hoses, but keep them close by, we may have another stretch or two of warm days before spring arrives and decides to stay. 

Now which drawer did I put the new tube of sunscreen?

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