Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gardening 2016

As we begin the new gardening season I want to thank you for reading my humble blogs and scribbles.  Believe it or not, writing helps me focus not only on the important garden tasks at hand, but to stop and literally smell the roses along the way.  My hope is that it helps you too and is a pleasant read.  Gardening is really grand, no other way to say it.  

You probably know that I also write the Garden Punch List column for the Denver Post.  It runs the first Saturday of each month in the less busy season (October to March).  Starting April 2nd, you'll find Punch List weekly in the Saturday Life & Culture section.  I'm very thankful to Suzanne Brown of the Denver Post for keeping the column going. And a special shout out to Susan Clotfelter who asked me to write Punch List (and also named it) back in the spring of 2012. Susan is no longer with the Denver Post, but still writing, teaching and gardening in the area. 

Last season we did a series of videos to reinforce the weekly chores, and they will be running again this year.  Many thanks to Lindsay Pierce for being so patient and skillful in the editing room on all the videos!  And I'm very appreciative of Molly Hughes for overseeing the videos and offering many helpful tips along the way. It really is a team effort!

Even though I post via link my weekly Punch Lists on the left hand side of this blog, beginning now with the March 5th column (last week) I'll also let you know the column is available to read in a blog posting.  All you need to do is click on the link. If you want to view earlier Punch Lists or timely videos, just view the links to the left.

So we begin another outdoor gardening season. Will this dry weather pattern continue?  Will it snow over Mother's Day, delaying yet another year of kicking off the unofficial planting season?  Your guess is a good as mine, but I can tell you that we'll ride it out together and enjoy it no matter how bumpy it may get. 

Here's the intro to the March 5th Denver Post Punch List, plus the direct link.

The Denver Post Home and Garden 

"It's time to check the landscape and perform early season chores, including cleaning garden beds and checking trees."

March 5, 2016 Denver Post Punch List 




Thank you for all your support! 


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