Saturday, May 14, 2016

What to do with Weeds and No Fail Tomato Planting

Weeds and grass will grow under, over and through landscape fabric

May 14, 2016 Denver Post Punch List
Weeds are annoying. Exceptions are the culinary weeds like dandelions, purslane and lamb’s quarter, which happen to be delightfully edible when young and not sprayed with herbicides.  Continue reading...  

Vegetable transplants, mainly tomatoes, can get leggy.  This means tall gaps between the leaves making it weak and easy to fall over.  It often happens when they are grown for too long in the garden center or indoors under lights. As long as the plant is healthy they are okay to purchase and plant.  To compensate for the leggyness and prevent being whipped about in the wind, plant them deeply.  Continue reading...

Cut off lower tomato leaves before planting deeply

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