Saturday, July 23, 2016

Relish or Hot Dog?

Ah... finally... the time of the season when gardeners and those who enjoy being outdoors relish in all things summer.  Enjoy it while it's here. Garden pleasure seekers relish in seeing terrific blooms, colors in shades or variegation of green, gray or blue.  And we love umphy plant structure. Nothing like a large clump of Black-eyed Susans or waving wands of lavender to grab your attention (and say to yourself - plant more of these).  Deep pink to red agastaches are calling hummingbirds to stop by for a sip while cucumbers lay in wait of a good plucking.  I'm showing my age (or desire to be a kid again), but there's still nothing quite like the taste of garden fresh cucumbers drizzled in ranch dressing.  Sorry foodies, but try it if you dare instead of the usual herb vinaigrette.

Leafcutter Bee on Seven-Son Flower
What do you relish about summer? The list may be long so get out outside and don't let the fast approaching August back-to-school season dampen your trips to local water parks, the mountains, the beach (this may require a plane ride) or a warm evening at Coors Field enjoying a cold drink.  Yea, the Rockies are once again under five hundred, but the people watching and views of the Denver skyline make it worth getting there.

I usually start each morning with a stroll around outside checking on what's blooming or soon to bloom and bending down for a closer look at the edible plants - they look pretty healthy so far this year.  Certain annoying insects must be flicked into a soapy jar of water, but I won't digress and spoil the "relish" mood.

Bumblebee on Coneflower
Nothing like breakfast on the patio and watching the dragonfly free air show over the grass.  Bumble bees seem plentiful this summer and so large I wonder how they keep afloat buzzing among the other expert flying pollinators.  Before I finish my cup of coffee and head inside to start the day a two-tailed swallowtail usually floats through the yard in search of a nectar snack or a nice leaf to lay an egg.  Thank you for stopping by to keep me company during breakfast.   

Summertime, garden time, relish time.  Might as well enjoy the hotdog too, don't hold the relish! 

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