Thursday, September 22, 2016

Winding Down

When composing a new blog the challenge is coming up with the title. While doing so for this entry, I was going back and forth in my mind if the garden season is winding down, slowing down or am I slowing down? Yikes, the latter thought gives me a shudder, a chill...a shuddering me, I still feel like I'm 28! When I was 28 perms were the rage, as were very large padded shoulders on blouses and jackets. That's two trends I hope never boomerang. As much as I don't feel old, I get a bit melancholy about the end of the summer growing season and the last of ripe tomatoes and fresh snipped flowers for indoor joy.  

Today is the first day of autumn, so change is imminent, let's face it together. How's your winding down list coming? Have you shopped for close-out plant deals? Are they in the ground? Got bulbs...including garlic bulbs for planting? Is your bounty of produce or fruit put up for the winter? Is your lawn aeration scheduled, same for sprinkler turn off? Once these items are checked off, it's pretty much just a waiting game for leaves to fall for filling the compost pile or used for "bed time" mulch. Last on our seasonal list is moving the outdoor furniture into the garage. Ferris is the one who really misses the patio set, especially the cushioned foot stoolit's his favorite place to relax and keep an eye out for any movement in the yard...squirrel, bird, grasshopper. 
Nothing a person can do about the changing seasons, time marches on as the saying goes, though I would prefer a very slow cadence with many sunny days in the 60s. Snow can march in on December 1st, that seems about right. 



  1. Hi Betty - I enjoy reading your column in The Denver Post and follow it religiously. I was hoping that you would post some suggestions or right an article in The Post on what do do when a hail storm destroys your garden and strips the flowers, which happened to me in August.

  2. Thank you for your comments, and I sure can address hail damage in the October Denver Post Punch. In the meantime it is okay to trim or prune severely damaged or dead branches or perennials. Plants should, for the most part recover well through the fall and the dormant season and come back fine next spring!