Monday, October 3, 2016

October Punch List

So far autumn hasn't changed much from August other then a few dropped leaves from the linden, ash and locust trees in our neighborhood. It's almost eighty degrees in Denver today and with the high winds, there's fire danger. Did I mention that it is October 3rd?  Wow, is all I can say. They say the high temperature on Thursday will be 54 degrees, then back to the 70s over the weekend and next week. You mean we'll actually be able to wear a sweater one day this week?  It sure doesn't feel like fall around here.

Lovely rose hips at Washington Park - sign of fall
BUT, and I say that with utmost respect for Mother Nature, the weather will turn colder one of these days or weeks so it is time to check off the list of fall landscape must-do's. 

Through the winter please look for my monthly garden Punch List column in the first Saturday of the month's Life & Culture section in the Denver Post.

Oh, the latest from Google Blogger on the removed links in my side gadgets (that's the technical term they call grouped links) is that it's a big project restoring all the data and will take time.  Add in the response time to other bloggers complaining about this issue and I bet it will take them until Halloween!

No need to throw in the trowel for the month of October, there’s plenty to do outside along with indoor garden projects. Don’t forget to dust off the rake and the snow shovelboth will be getting a work out soon. Continue reading the Denver Post October Punch List...

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