Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pollinator Spotlight

Pollinators have been working in our our gardens since early spring. They come in all shapes and color patterns and there's too many to describe each and every one of them in a sentence or two. As we enter in to the summer season keep an eye out for these marvelous hard workers - they truly keep our planet alive. Keep adding more and more plants they seek and depend on. Sort of like the if you build it, they will come scenario. Watching them is free entertainment, check them out in your own backyard.  

Honey bees on garlic chive blooms, late summer
Jefferson County Master Gardeners have been running a series on their blog entitled Pollinator of the Week. Their blog is linked on my site, but if you have missed the series or wish to get caught up, check out the links below. Thank you Donna Duffy, Jeffco Colorado Master Gardener extraordinaire for writing about these important bees, other pollinators and helpful articles on how to care for them. Be sure to continue following the series by subscribing to their blog.

Save our Pollinators Day at Jefferson County Fairgrounds June 24, 2017

Pollinator of the Week - Monarch Butterflies (by Carolyn Reardon)

Pollinator of the Week - Flower Flies 

Pollinator of the Week - Squash Bees

Pollinator of the Week - Leaf Cutting Bees

Pollinator of the Week - Rufous Hummingbird

Pollinator of the Week - The Colorado State Insect (aka the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly)

Pollinator of the Week - Hawk Sphinx Moth

Pollinator of the Week - Halictid Bees (aka Sweat Bees)

Providing Water for Pollinators 

Build a Bee Colony

Colorado's Native Bees 

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