Thursday, June 1, 2017

Plant the Warms and Everything!

Oh dear, it's already past Memorial Day weekend and there's still so many plants that need to be purchased and put in the ground or in containers. I feel your need to rush so they can get growing, July 4th is next week (not really, but blink and it will be here). I just returned from a garden center, the shelves were nice and full and being stocked as I shopped. Does that rhyme?

No need to fret, this is the perfect time to purchase and plant your warm season vegetables and herbs, plus all perennials, shrubs, trees and anything else living on the list I missed, again with a rhyme!

Below is a re-posting of my warm season vegetable chart which may help you with the planting windows. Keep in mind that maturity dates on vegetables like tomatoes or peppers range from 55 to 85 days, so be sure to read the plant tag and look for shorter season maturing crops if planting later in June or early July. Plan ahead too - some short season vegetables are perfect for a second planting mid-summer like beans and summer squash. 

Oh boy the joy of summer begins! 

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