Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Unleash your Container Creativity

One of my very favorite garden to dos is shopping and creating container plantings for the patio, side of the house, front entry and the bathroom - if only Glen would give me the green light to place one there..."no potting soil in the potty!"

Immediately After Planting in May (for the video)
The video below is the quickest way to show you how to assemble your plants and place them in your favorite container. I did several Denver Post TV videos a few spring seasons ago and this year I'm posting them to my Facebook page and this blog site (left side). They are easy to view now that they're on YouTube. One of my favorite ones isn't posted for some reason - the one I did on composting with Judy Elliott

I have a difficult time watching myself, but maybe you'll be okay viewing my mug and perhaps pick up a tip or two. You experienced gardeners already know how to do great containers!!

Happy Planting!!


Click HERE if the video doesn't open

Late October - 5 Months Later

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