Monday, September 3, 2018

Learn to Preserve - Food!

Eating delicious home grown produce is right up there with winning the billion dollar Powerball. I'm not stretching the truth one bit. I've never won at Powerball (or know anyone who has), but have eaten home grown fruits and vegetables that are worth way more than winning a game of chance that you'll probably never win. 

Now that you have all this great produce, what next? You've shared and donated, why not preserve your extras for another homegrown taste experience mid-winter when three feet of snow has just fallen? Preserve the taste of summer with sweet, flavorful peaches. Add backyard grown fresh and vibrant tomato flavor to your signature lasagna dish. Don't stop with just peaches and tomatoes. Many different fruits and vegetables can be preserved, fermented or made in to jams, jellies, salsas and green chile - now we're talking!

Don't know how to can, ferment or pickle or need a refresher? Maybe you're planning on growing more produce next summer to preserve or possibly start a cottage food business and you'd like to know more about the Colorado Cottage Food Act? There's a class for just about everyone on preserving produce - even making sauerkraut!

You've come to the right blog. Below is a list of upcoming food preservation classes along the Front Range.

Click on the linked title and location for fees, times, location and more information. You can register from the link.

September 10 Water Bath Canning - Fort Collins

September 12 Basics of Preserving Food Safely - Loveland

September 12 Preserving the Harvest 2018: Pickling - Pueblo

September 13 Preserve the Season: Salsa - Colorado Springs

September 13 Fall Foodie Classes: Canning & Preserving - Boulder

September 14 Cottage Food Safety Training - Golden

September 15 Preserve the Harvest Fruits: Jams and Jellies - Aurora

September 18 Pressure Canning - Fort Collins

September 21 Cottage Food Safety Training - Centennial 

September 26 Sauerkraut - Golden

September 26 Preserving the Harvest 2018: Fermenting - Pueblo

September 29 Cottage Food Safety Training - Loveland

September 29 Food Preservation on the Plains - Techniques to use Today - Denver 

October 4 Sauerkraut - Centennial

October 10 Food Preservation Technique Class: Fermentation - Colorado Springs 

October 10 Sauerkraut and Fermented Vegetables - Fort Collins

October 10 Preserving the Harvest 2018: Freezing and Dehydrating - Pueblo

October 11 Fall Foodie Classes: Pickling & Fermentation - Boulder

October 13 Preserve the Harvest Vegetables: Pickles and Tomatoes - Aurora

October 17 Pepper Jelly - Golden

October 19 Cottage Food Safety Training - Centennial

October 20 Food Preservation on the Plains - Techniques to use Today - Denver

November 9  Cottage Food Safety Training - Golden 

November 15 Pepper Jelly - Centennial

December 7 - Cottage Food Safety Training - Longmont

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