Thursday, September 11, 2014

FROST and FREEZE Protection


If you want to extend your vegetable or ornamental plantings, cover when temperatures dip below 50 degrees.  Tonight (September 11, 2014) it's supposed to freeze, rain and snow.  Cover first with a cloth, or sheet, then plastic to keep in the warmth. Floating row covers work great, but if you don't have any on hand (sold in garden centers or on line), use some kind of light weight cloth. Once covered with the sheet, the plastic needs to go all the way to the ground to hold in warmth, use bricks or boards to keep it from blowing around.

No time to cover, then harvest what you can and hopefully the tomatoes are far enough along to ripen on the counter or wrap in newspapers or wax paper and check them every few days.

Photos -
Floating Row Cover over Tall Annual Container

Recent plantings can be covered with a garbage can or box

Basil needs a heavy cloth, then plastic, your best bet is to harvest now

A hoop system lets you cover easily, especially low growing plants

Be sure the plastic doesn't touch foliage, it will transfer cold

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