Monday, September 1, 2014

Tomato Tales Part II

I had to take a break from writing about all the things that went wrong with my tomatoes this season. I'll return to the list later. For now check out my humble first BLT of the summer season, definitely well worth the wait. No doubt you have your favorite version or order of packing the layers.  Personally I use prosciutto instead of bacon, mainly because I have it on hand for use in recipes (baked, then crumbled as the icing on pasta is divine).  Don't get me wrong, bacon is the preferred choice for BLTs by most humans who aren't vegan or vegetarians. 

Then I use large leaf basil instead of lettuce, again because I have it on hand...I grow it all summer.  BUT, everything else is the same as you...tomatoes, (must be homegrown), mayo (your favorite brand), salt and pepper and toasted bread.  Ina Garten of Food Network fame has her favorite recipe, which I also recommend, click here Ina Garten California BLT.   If you're a bacon avoider try baked tempeh or avocado in its place. Time for lunch.

PS:  After posting this photo I realized that you don't even see the tomatoes, well, they're in there...'Early Girl' who took her sweet time ripening! 

First PLT sandwich of the summer season, along with mini-carrots and blue corn chips

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