Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fertilizer Spreaders from CO-Horts

Spring lawn fertilization is as normal as checking for leftover change in the public phone booth change slot ...oh no, wrong century. That's what we did as kids, if you're under twenty, ask your parents about phone booths - also known as "payphones." It's rare to see one in today's world. But it is reassuring to know that fertilizing the lawn each spring is one garden chore that will probably never go away. Unless we keep moving toward Jetson style living. There I go again, showing my age!

Lawn in early April
Back to lawns and a very timely CO-Horts blog from Alison O'Connor, the Larimer County Extension Horticulturist, and knowledgeable turf expert among many other gardening topics. This is from her popular series - "Hort Peeve and Pleasure." This one is on fertilizer spreaders. Check it out on the link below. She'll give you the quick answers on fertilizer spreaders and if hand crank or push spreaders are recommended. And do you go with a drop or centrifugal type? The answers await.....

"Hort Peeve and Pleasure: Lawn Fertilization"

Happy fertilizing!

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