Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rose Pruning Workshop - Cancelled

Yep, Mother Nature is predicted to bring cold and snow on April 29, so the pruning workshop is officially cancelled. The Denver Rose Society will try again next year around the same time.

Depending on your perspective, one of the most or least favored spring garden chores is pruning the roses. Proper pruning means healthy regrowth with eagerly awaited blooms. Conversely, roses have thorns (technically called prickles), some varieties more than others, but with proper gloves and long sleeves the work is quick.

If you're in the camp of not knowing how much to prune on the rose shrub or how far down to cut in to the cane, then may I suggest cancelling whatever you have scheduled on Saturday, April 29 and attend the learn how to prune your roses workshop hosted by the Denver Rose Society. You'll just need to take a short drive to the Jefferson County Detention Center Rose Garden via 6th avenue (or another route of your choosing), exit at Johnson Road in Golden. Here's the direct link with all the helpful Google Map information Rose Garden at the Jefferson County Detention Center.

 Jail Pruning in Action (photo by Anna L.)
Why go to a detention center to learn how to prune roses you may be asking (I asked the same question when I joined the Denver Rose Society several years ago)? 

Because on the northwest side of the jail complex there is a rose garden that is tended by the inmates - the only one in the country with this type of landscape learning opportunity for jailed inmates. They have the chance to work outside during their sentence and provide a much needed service for the county. Talk about win-win. 

The rose garden is open to the public and you'll find easy access picnic tables to enjoy the view of the foothills and roses - is that a nice combo or what! Read more about the jail rose garden - Jeffco Jail Rose Garden History.

Each year in late April the Denver Rose Society invites its members and the general public to attend this pruning workshop at the jail rose garden. You're welcome to just watch the demo and learn from the experts or bring your pruners and join in the pruning fun with some guidance and tips from DRS members. The best part (besides learning how to prune) is that we aren't responsible for removing the pile of spent canes, the inmates happily rake and toss them after we leave.

Here are the who-what-wheres-

Who: Denver Rose Society invitation, open to all, NO CHARGE
When: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (come anytime during this window)
Where: Jefferson County Detention Center Rose Garden
What: (to bring): comfortable clothes, hat, sunscreen, water and snacks are provided. Grab your pruners and loppers, don't forget your gloves if you plan on participating. 
What If:  the weather is crummy, then check the DRS Facebook page to confirm cancellation. Or phone 303 901-1389 and ask if the workshop is happening.
Stuff to buy: Mile-Hi Rose Feed - one of the best organic fertilizers on the planet, made right here in Colorado. It's not just for roses, use it on any plant, vegetable or shrub that likes a boost of NPK and other good stuff. Plus there will be a few very hardy Bailey Nursery potted roses for sale - leftover from the April 1 educational SymROSEium. 
That's me - getting ready to prune 'Gourmet Popcorn'
Once your roses are spring pruned, the garden season of blooms and enjoyment really begins (at least in my garden book). See you on the 29th!

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